Infrared Videography is easier to achieve than you think.  What we need to do to accomplish this is to make it so that the camera we are using allows infrared light to pass through while blocking the 'visible' light in the spectrum from hitting the camera's sensor.  Below we will show you exactly how to do that with a nightvision camera and also a cell phone camera or other 'low lux' night shot camera.

Nightvision Camera (0 Lux)

  1. Acquire a 0 lux nightvision camera.  What this means is that the camera has an onboard infrared light source to illuminate the working area so that it can see in total darkness.  While the artificial illumination itself isn't 100% necessary, it will indicate that you are using the correct type of night vision camera (low lux can work too, we'll detail that below).
  2. Find a piece of blank, developed film.  You can do this one of two ways.  You can visit your local CVS or Rite Aid, go to the photo area, buy a role of 35mm film, hand it right back to the guy and say you want it developed just like that.  Blank.  He'll give you a funny look, just tell him it's for a project.  When you get the film back it should be very dark, almost black.  That's what you're looking for.  You can also find that by rummaging through old photo envelopes you might have at your house.  Find the negatives, then look for the very end of the negative that is darker and you can't see through as easily.  That's what you need.
  3. Take the blank, developed film and place it over the lens of the camera.  Be careful not to touch the film too much as it will create fingerprints and degrade the quality of the video over time.
  4. Flip on nightvision and test it out.  Take a bottle of pepsi, remove the label, and place a piece of paper with writing on it on the other side of the bottle.  Point the camcorder at the bottle and see if you can read the writing.  You should be able to.

That's it.  Pretty easy, no?  Now you have a DIY infrared video camera.  Take it outside and look at the clouds, the leaves, the grass.  Everything looks cool in infrared.


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